My language is movement and dance, a form of expression I’ve embraced since childhood. From watching Michael Jackson videos
at the age of 5 to learning Irish Tap Dancing at 10 and exploring Hip Hop from the age of 13, my dance journey has been diverse. My
style is a fusion, reflecting my multicultural background and the places I’ve visited. It’s a vibrant mix of Afro, Latino, Jazz, or
Popping, shaped by the music and emotions it evokes. One of my proudest dance moments was choreographing a video with
Ghetto Kids in March 2022, which garnered over 10 million views across platforms and earned a feature on Michael Jackson’s
official Instagram page.

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Having visited 36 countries since the age of 4, travel has been an integral part of my life. Born in Morocco and raised in the UK, I
inherited the travel bug from my mother, who spent 30 years in the travel industry. Advocating for sustainable tourism is a cause
close to my heart. I strive to raise awareness about our travel impact and engage in activities that protect the environment, such
as tree planting and marine life conservation. I dedicate a large chunk of my time to local communities when I travel, making sure I
learn about ancient tribes/practises whilst fostering genuine human interaction.

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Writing is in my genes. My grandfather, Ahmed Sefrioui, was a renowned novelist and a pioneer of French-Moroccan literature.
Drawing inspiration from him, I discovered my passion for written expression. In recent years, I’ve delved into medical and travel
writing, channelling my passion for storytelling through words. This inclination towards visual storytelling is also influenced by my
father, a filmaker.

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Community Engagement & Dance

Using my platform, I spearhead initiatives to raise funds and
awareness for communities in need. I foster connections with
individuals who share a passion for eecting positive change in
their communities. To this day, I am deeply involved in teaching
dance to individuals of all ages and abilities. During a fullling
seven-month stint in Africa, I dedicated myself to this. I also
volunteered with icandance, a UK-based charity committed to
enabling dance expression for children and young adults with
disabilities, where I completed a Children Safeguarding course.
I've showcased my talents in various dance, private parties, and
corporate events and continue to do so.

DFY Content Creation

As a versatile content creator, I bring a diverse range of skills to
the table. Beyond dance performances, I specialize in
videography and photography for social media – through my lens,
I capture the essence of my travels and share them with the
world, as I aim to do the same for others. Additionally, my
expertise in writing and travel consultancy enables me to guide
you on your own seamless journey of purposeful exploration.

TEDx Talks

In 2023, I was privileged to take the stage as a TEDx speaker,
where I shared the remarkable journey and profound insights I
gained along the way. At the heart of my talk was my ambitious
mission: embarking on a solo expedition to explore 13 African
countries within a single year. Through this journey, I delved deep
into the rich tapestry of African identity, uncovering its diverse
cultures, traditions, and narratives.

Dream Guide

Your journey, your purpose – my goal is to assist you in
embarking on journeys with purpose, realizing your artistic
aspirations, and contributing to positive change in the world.
Whether you're interested in joining a group trip or seeking
advice for your next adventure, feel free to explore more info
here, strap up, and let’s hop on this wild ride together!